Marllor Medical Training is a division that deals with the organization of training courses for medical personnel with ECM.
The medical protocols related to the products developed and marketed by international Marllor provide a technical approach by the physician specially designed by our scientific board in order to put the medical condition can apply the most appropriate techniques able to obtain the best clinical results and the maximum potential of the device used. Marllor International organizes training courses that enable the medical use of Aqualyx, the rapporteur is the scientific founder Prof Motolese the solution. In Europe follow training courses in response to an increasing demand from doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, supported by the increased number of tutors qualified for training.




Marllor International is committed to having a good innovative climate. Resources for research and development were the priorities, investments also include clinical trials, quality and product registration.
The search for International MarllorI revolves around three main themes:

- improvement of existing products.
- The formulation of new pioneering products.
- The introduction of new medical procedures.
Scientific research and medical education is entrusted to an international scientific board headed by prof. Pasquale Motolese. Marllor Int is able to launch new products by integrating regulatory issues in all its R & D start to finish
The medical device products are the gold standard in all areas of application in which they are aimed.
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